Reduce high costs and optimize your Infrastructure

Evaluate the overhead of your infrastructure


Most companies have 50-70% excess licenses in their local environment

and they go through a series of challenges that prevent them from correctly optimizing their software licenses

  • illustration High costs: 30% overspending, exhausted budget
  • illustration Non-optimized licensing: Inadequate dimensions, unknown level of use
  • illustration Misaligned Licensing: Versions do not match needs, under-used or over-used resources

With OLA (Optimización Licensing Assessment)

Reduces license costs and provides a customized deployment plan with cost optimization recommendations for Microsoft Windows and SQL Server licenses


Opportunity and benefits

illustration 36% cost reduction

illustration Optimizing your workloads

illustration Pay only for use

The largest value you can find is:

  • illustration The best use of your IT budget
  • illustration Modernizing your infrastructure
  • illustration Increase the security and accessibility of your data and applications.

Get the most out of your licensing: with our evaluation and analysis optimize the use of MS licensing in different environments and reduce unnecessary costs.

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