Licensing Administration: SAMaaSSAMaaS

Best add in value service to mantein your software assets in control

If you need to have control of your department and know that it requires complex software asset management, we offer EVERYTHING in one service

Know the health of your licensing with information and constant monitoring to keep it in compliance, saving time and maximize the budget of your department and work team



Benchmarck Analytics

We provide you with the data you need from the industry through our best practices knowledge, specialized professionals, and the best recommendations for you can make fact-based decisions to:

Measure: You need your budget maximize, know your offers and comparable to your market, you need to know your position and control your assets to do better investments with low cost to keep you in a better position in your industry.

Optimization: buy what you need not what the software companies wants to sell. Use your assets and stop overspending in products that not in line with your goals.

Transform: Take control of your assets, mantein compliance, avoid audits, maximize savings, create opportunies and help your company grow.

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Expert advice throughout the software asset life cycle



Purchases, supports, contracts


Periodic executive reports, summaries


Negotiations, better relationships, informed


Migration analysis


Up to +85%


Analysis of usability in users


Best toolst that provide accurate use, and information


Recommendations from industry experts


Improve performance through tools, expert advice and practical industry insights

Save up to 30% overspending on software

Software asset Optimization

Industry best practices with the best customer service to achieve your priorities

Time, save more that 60% of your time in management

Licensing Agreement analysis

Software audit mitigation

Make safe decisions

Cyber attack mitigation

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