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Analysis of the to evaluate the software spending controls. Helps to estimate the amount of your company.

Asess the effectiveness of the software control

Find to areas of optimization software such as disused equipment, equipment not inventoried

Analyzes the deployment software and delivery Map Migration to the cloud

Assess the cloud vs on-site

Evaluates the software in the cloud vs software on siteAssess the cloud vs on-site

Analysis Custom, according to the Event (Renewal, Verification of Compliance, True up, Defense of Audit) I know studies deployment and Licenses getting correct balance of licensting and reconcilli ation.

Run Tool And reach the 90% of discovery report to the client for the decision of decisions Automate the process and quickly obtain results Analysis timely and cash

Tools own the focused in optimiz ation Process automated that save time and costs Analysis deep and detailed High ROI service compound of tools, technical assistance and specialists

Solution complete of administration A formula successfull among the tools, support and Consulting specializes for the best decision of desisions and control in the maintenance the software.

Check and provide best maintenance of the Licenses. Focus the talent professional in the marks that have more invest ment and maximize the savings

Tools own the focused in optimization Analysis complete necessary for the management of assets software and for the department It. High return of investment coverage and protection audit by the time service Cross platform

Discovery and Documentation Features
Tools Discoevery and Usability
Troubleshooting Purchasing and deployment support
Repository Shopping Cart Respository Management
Standard Reports Balance of Licensing, Detail Deployment, Scope
Reports Optimization Usability of Disused Equipment, Software, Servers
Custom Reports Usability of Software, Location / Affiliates, History of Deployment
Optimization of Deployment Performance Tuning Best Practies
Mitigation of deployment Best Practices for Mitigation
Optimization of Licensing Licensing Best Practices
Eventualities of Contract
Acquisitions Negotiation, validation, evaluation of alternatives, Budget
Mitigation of Audits Best practices for mitigation
Cloud migration
Defense of Audits Negotiation and Strategy
Development Processes Process Development
Process Management Custom processes
Portal Processes Portal administrative Processes
Service Time
Project (1-2 weeks)
Project (3-4 months)
12 months of coverage
Technical assistance and Customer Support
Specialized Technical Staff