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"An adequate advice that has us understand the complexities to negotiate better conditions based on the different scenarios analyzed"


- H. A. -Airline

"Thanks to Licensing Assurance, we can confirm that the solution has satisfactorily met the needs and expectations of our organization. It has also allowed us to improve the levels of efficiency in the provision and coordination of services for our internal clients."


- G. C.-Business group

"Punctual with reports and support documentation before the manufacturer"


- N. P. -Banking

"They have given us peace of mind in the SAM process, the results have leveraged review processes with software providers"


- P. S. –Factory

" We are very satisfied with the work carried out by Licensing Assurance, where he acted with great professionalism,… demonstrating extensive knowledge in licensing matters and putting himself on the client's side at all times, providing alternatives that allowed us to improve our contract with the licensing provider lowering the costs of the same "


- E. M -Logistics

"The services provided by Licensing Assurance of the SPLA - Audit Defense program and Microsoft manufacturers have been satisfactorily provided in accordance with the commitment"


- R. H. -Datacenter

"It was very supportive for decision making"


- E. F. -Factory

"Since we started using the service, we have been able to improve efficiency levels in the provision and coordination of services to our internal customers and we have been able to optimize our software investments from new manufacturers"


- G. C. T. -Banking

102 / 5000 Translation results "Highly professional service that has helped us with the management of Microsoft licensing"


- E. M. -Technological services

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