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We make complex look simple. Get faster results. Reduce your costs.
Control your IT software to real business needs and, all staying in compliance.


Licensing Agreements

Renegotiation of software Licensing Agreements

Are you tied to a long-term contract? We analys and renegociate teh agremment:

  • Analysis: what do you really need and use
  • Reduce your budget
  • We provide smart alternatives for your benefit.
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Licensing Compliances

Licensing Legal & Compliances Analisys Team

Conquer emerging business challenges faster and more confidently with expert guidance and best practices.



Licensing agreemnet renewals

We align your licensing to the real needs of your company, minimizing costs and optimizing your renewal.

  • Personalice agreements meant for your benefit
  • Study of Current Ts & Cs
  • Needs and wants
  • Negociations
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Price Analitics

Price reductions

Find the optimal price to maximize your revenue, lower your costs, and get better IT savings.

  • Current offer evaluation
  • Search for best deals
  • Best option according to your needs
  • Negotiation, best tips and tricks
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Up to 30% in Savings

Licensing Administration: SAMasaS

Get guaranteed up to 30% in savings on your software investment for any manufacturer, implementing efficient software management with certified advice.

  • Inventory up to date
  • Documents - Purchases
  • Reports
  • Optimization
  • Compliance analysis
  • Sosftware assets control
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68% of companies are audited at least 1 time each year, We can help you in the software audit process, We garanteed you will be protected.

  • Avouid risks
  • Scenario evaluation
  • Savings (Mitigation) or cancellation of the Audit (depensing of wach case)
  • Internal Audits
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Data Center

Datacenters Solutions

Increase your profits, control your software and mitigate risks.

  • Maximaize your rentability
  • Software Control and Optimization
  • Reduction of time spent
  • More savings in your reporting
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Cloud Migration

Efficiently plan your move to the cloud. Optimize your costs by migrating or modernizing your workloads:

  • Improve infrastructure performance and reliability and significantly lower costs by leveraging your existing licensing.
  • Technical support? We can mitigate security risks, compliance and migration to updated versions.
  • Optimize your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)! Leverage the elasticity, scalability, and agility of the cloud
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