Why Licensing Assurance?Why Licensing Assurance?

We deliver innovative consulting that helps enterprises solve problems fast and grow your company. Here's what sets us apart.

No conflict of interest

Independent: We only offer IT consulting services for your benefit, without conflict of interest between selling licenses and saving on your licensing.


Inform, Controling your assests

Know the health of your licensing with information and constant monitoring to be in compliance, saving time for your department and work team and grow your company.

Savings - ROI

Become the superhero of your company by providing savings and stretching your budget to invest in additional projects that make you more productive and help your company grow.

Loading platform and data review


Our powerful webtool platform allows you to have control of users, contracts, surveys and all the data obtained during the service.It displays the reports obtained, the analyzes performed, the evaluation of Inv. Initial and Optimization Plan that you will execute according to the results and recommendations that our team of experts will give you..

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Our Value: Savings and Optimization of your budget

Our strategic advice, trusted insights and practical tools will help you successfully deliver the projects that are crucial for accomplishing your most important business initiatives.

Budget Optimization

Avoid excess IT expenses

Take control of your software assets

We don't sell - we make you save

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    Independent from the vendor

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    We do not sell licenses, we offer Our strategic advice, trusted insights for optimization and control solutions

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    Best trusted solution

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    Guaranteed results, services by performance

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    Solutions builted to your needs

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    Vendors that advice your licensing are the same that are partners with software providers

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    Vendors offer free SAM to generate a PO

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    Some provide tools, some provide consulting

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    High cost service fee

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    Standar service ment for them and no for your company

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  • Our services seek your benefit, without conflict of interest

  • Savings guaranteed up to 30% of your Licensing agreement

  • Save time on your software administration

  • Licensing experts, tools, methodology and more

  • The best experts in software audit defense

Customers in all the Americas

46 Countries

More than $ 3B of software assets


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