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Alliance with Mazars
Licensing Assurance y Mazars firman alianza para ofrecer servicio de administración de Licenciamiento y consultoría a empresas mexicanas

Licensing Assurance, uno de los principales proveedores de servicios de administración de activos de software con basta experiencia en toda América y Mazars, importante empresa de consultoría, accouting & outsourcing, impuestos y asesoría financiera en Mexico, firmam importante acuerdo estratégico de alianza comercial para expandir las operaciones en Mexico.

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Is independent software a solution for companies?

Licensing Assurance is a pioneer in the software management market independently, focused on software optimization and licensing. The company states that in Latin America, it is important to have independent advice for making decisions when purchasing software.

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5 errors to avoid during the execution of Software Asset Management processes

The SAM works according to four steps or phases: first an analysis of the facilities is carried out in order to make a diagnosis process of their status. Then the execution of the licensing is determined, identifying faults and rights. In the next step a report is prepared of everything investigated and finally proceeds to carry out the negotiation, that is, the purchase of licenses. For you to have more information on this topic, we will show you a brief selection of 5 common mistakes that should be avoided when running SAM processes, so that they can be more profitable.

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